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Training and Consultations for Child Care Centers

Two easy ways to help:

Your Madison County Health Department offers two easy ways to get helpful tips about the health and safety of the young children in your care:

  1. Consultation, free of charge, on-site from a Child Care Health Consultant to help assess your center’s needs, assess your training needs, review immunization records and assist in communicable disease control
  2. Most training is free of charge and is available for childcare staff.

Topics offered include but not limited to:

  • Asthma Management in the Young Child
  • Back to Sleep, Keeping Our Babies Safer
  • Child Passenger Safety
  • Hand Washing for Staff
  • Head Lice Prevention
  • Healthy Habits in Young Children: Nutritional Environment
  • Healthy Habits in Young Children: Physical Activity
  • Heart Attack: Act in Time
  • Injury Prevention in the Child Care Setting
  • Lead Poisoning Prevention for Staff
  • Oral Health
  • Preparing the Immunization Report
  • Ready in 3: Emergency Preparedness
  • Reducing the Risk of Communicable Disease
  • Stress Relief for Staff and Parents
  • Stroke: Know the Signs
  • My Plate for Staff and Children
  • CPR and First Aid Training

Madison County Health Center offers nurse consultant services to child care providers.  Child care providers include daycare centers, Head Start, and licensed and non-licensed homes. These services include trainings for clock hours and other educational services on nutrition, health and safety related issues.  Please call 573-783-2747 ext. 3007 for assistance or to schedule an appointment.  Ask questions via email

Madison County is a historical community of people who strive to live, work and play in a safe, healthy, environment.


7:00 am - 5:30 pm

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